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Eine Forscherin im weißen Kittel betrachtet eine Probe durch ein Mikroskop.


The research work of the Research Center for Infection, Inflammation, and Immunity – RCi³ scientists combines a wide spectrum of basic science, applied science and translational science in the field of immunology with a focus on inflammatory and infectious diseases, tumor immunology and transplantation tolerance.

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Main goals are to identify risk factors for immunological diseases and find target molecules for effective treatment. Mathematical modelling of immunological processes helps to present the experimental data in a systemical context. A special emphasis lies on the development of novel therapeutic strategies for treatment of cardiac, intestinal, neurological and rheumatic dieseases as well as on the induction of transplantation tolerance. Some of these innovative approaches are so successful that they are continued within international collaborative research networks or with industrial partners. Furthermore they became worth for patenting and even worth for founding a new company.

At the following pages you will find information about the RCIS members. We introduce research groups using laboratory space at our RCIS facilities: Research groups (Users) and members working in other institutes: Research groups (Members). You will learn about their scientific work in in national and international collaborative research projects. Furthermore we inform about the methodic expertises of the RCIS members. At least we provide links for research work at the Charité.