2012.04.01 - News from the centers

The RCIS has a new Leadership

The former director of the RCIS, Prof. A. Hamann, retired from his official Charité responsibilities. Therefore we have voted a new leadership in December 2011. The new leadership has been approved by the faculty leadership of the Charité.

Prof. Dr. Birgit Sawitzki is the new director of the RCIS.

Prof. Dr. Max Löhning is the deputy director.

Prof. Dr. Britta Siegmund and Dr. Ahmed Sheriff are RCIS board members.


Prof. Dr. Birgit Sawitzki

Das ist das Foto von dem RCIS-Direktor, Birgit Sawitzki aus der Charité

RCIS Director

CharitéUniversitätsmedizin Berlin

CVK: Campus Virchow-Klinikum

Institut für Medizinische Immunologie AG Transplantationstoleranz

Postal address:

Augustenburger Platz 1

13353 Berlin

Internal address:

Südstraße / Föhrerstr. 15, 2.OG

t: +49 30 450 524 136

f: +49 30450524062



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2012.09.25 - News from the centers

A new layout

The RCIS has a new homepage layout

We are happy to introduce the RCIS homepage in a new layout! We not only reworked the layout and the navigation architecture, but also the contents! The layout follows the webdesign of the Charité to improve the presentation and ease the orientation. The layout is based on the content management system TYPO3.

Welcome and enjoy our new RCIS homepage!



Dr. Ute Hoffmann

Editor and webmaster

CharitéUniversitätsmedizin Berlin/DRFZ

CCM: Campus Charité Mitte

Research Center ImmunoSciences (RCIS)

Research management

Postal address:

Charitéplatz 1

10117 Berlin

Internal address:

Hessische Str. 3-4

t: +49 30 450 284 60658

f: +49 30 450 525 944

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2013.01.23 - News from the centers

The DFG extends funding of SFB650

Scientists of the SFB650 can continue their research work for another four years!

Several members of the Collaborative Research Center 650 belong to the RCIS. We are happy to announce that they could continue to develop "Cellular approaches to the suppression of unwanted immune reactions: From bench to bedside".

For detailed information please read the Opens external link in current windowpress release from Charité.


Office SFB650

phone: +49 30 450 513 302

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2013.03.26 - News from the centers

New RCIS Facility: Mainbuilding at the Campus Benjamin Franklin

The Reasearch groups of the former Karl Landsteiner Haus have moved to the main building.

Standort der Labore des RCIS im Haupthaus auf dem Campus Benjamin Franklin

The Karl Landsteiner Haus has been sold. Therefore the research groups have moved to the mainbuilding at the Campus Benjamin Franklin. Most of the laboratory work has already startet. Thanks to the great commitment of the RCIS members and especially to Ulrike Erben and Rainer Glauben.

Please pay attention: Adresses and telephone numbers have changed!


Dr. Ulrike Erben
Immunbiologischer und Gastroenterologischer Forschungsbereich
Hindenburgdamm 30
12200 Berlin

Tel: 450514345

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2013.03.20 - News from the centers

Day of Immunology

RCIS Symposium on 20th of March 2013

Das ist eine Collage des RCIS Tages der Immunologie 2013 in der  Charité

The RCIS Day of Immunology was a very successful symposium on 20th of March 2013. Lots of RCIS members and immunologic interested people have been listening to the exciting talks of RCIS members and invited keynote speakers.

Please find the program and the current projects of the RCIS member here.


Ute Hoffmann

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2013.06.25 - News from the centers

Prof. Max Löhning is now member of the Berlin Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften

The Deputy Director of the RCIS is youngest member of the Akademie.

On 14th of June 2013 Prof. Max Löhning, Deputy Director of the RCIS, was elected to become a member of the Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften.
Please read the Opens external link in current windowCharité press release for detailed information (in German only).


Prof. Dr. Max Löhning

Photo of Max Loehning

Deputy Director

CharitéUniversitätsmedizin Berlin & German Rheumatism Research Center (DRFZ)/Department of Rheumatology & Clinical Immunology

CCM: Campus Charité Mitte

Division of Osteoarthritis Research and Immunology/Pitzer Laboratory of Osteoarthritis Research

Postal address:

Charitéplatz 1

10117 Berlin

Internal address:

Virchowweg 12

t: +49 30 28460 760

f: +49 30 28460 603



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2014.05.27 - News from the centers

AG Kramer: "Zinc regulates our circadian clock "

Publication in the Journal Cell

The group of Prof. Achim Kramer (AG Chronobiology) publishes their recent research results about the circadian clock and its regulation by zinc in the scientific journal Cell.

How zinc is regulating our daily rhythm you can find Öffnet externen Link im aktuellen Fensterhere (in German only)


Prof. Achim Kramer
Institut für Medizinische Immunologie
Campus Charité Mitte
CharitéUniversitätsmedizin Berlin
t: + 49 30 450 524 263

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2015.02.13 - News from the centers

AG Löhning: "T helper cells have a quantitative memory for cytokine expression"

Publication in the journal "Immunity"

The group of Max Löhning (deputy director RCIS) found out that T helper cells produce different amounts of a certain cytokine. Some T helper cells secrete high amounts of this immune messenger and others produce only low quantities. Individual T helper cells acquire a stable quantitative memory for cytokine expression, i.e. in later reactivations; they always produce a similar amount of the given cytokine again, resulting in a stable heterogeneity within a population of differentiated T helper cells. 


Please find detailed informationOpens external link in current window here.


(Helmstetter et al., 2015, Immunity 42, 108–122 January 20, 2015)




Prof. Dr. Max Löhning

Medizinische Klinik mit Schwerpunkt Rheumatologie und Klinische Immunologie
CharitéUniversitätsmedizin Berlin
Deutsches Rheuma-Forschungszentrum 
phone: +49 30 2846 0760

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2015.09.07 - News from the centers

iPATH Berlin: Immunopathology for Experimental Models


iPATH.Berlin is the new name for the long-standing Immunopathology for Experimental Models from the Medical Department for Gastroenterology, Infectious Diseases and Rheumatology and the RCIS offered to all research groups within and outside the CharitéUniversitätsmedizin Berlin.

You find the full service of the iPATH.Berlin including sample preparation, (immune)histological staining, analysis as well as long-term sample storage here.

All services can be subject for contract work to be calculated in grant proposals. For any question or request, please do not hesitate to call Anja A. Kühl.


iPATH Berlin

Anja A. Kühl

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Prof. Dr. Birgit Sawitzki
Leitung des RCi³
t: +49 30 450 524 136
Prof. Dr. Andreas Christian Hocke
Redaktionelle Gestaltung
t: +49 30 450 553 477
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